About Us – PT Java Arkitama

JAVA ARKITAMA is a representative of the following products:

  • Flex A Seal / USA, Mechanical Seal, http://www.flex-a-seal.com/
  • Assalub / Sweden, Centralized Lubrication System, http://www.assalub.com/
  • KSB Pumps / Germany, Pumps, http://www.ksb.com/

JAVA ARKITAMA workshop could help you for the following  services:

  1. Repair & Replacement of Mechanical Seal
  • Repairing, re-manufacturing, or replicating any parts that have failed from any type of mechanical seals, no matter who originally manufactured it.
  • Lapping for all kind of face materials as followed: ceramics, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, graphite carbon, antimony carbon, satellites, chrome oxide.
  • Quality Repair & Inspection
  • Complete Inventory
  • Built-in Flexibility & Engineered Custom Services
  • Fast Economical Repair Service
  • Longer Service Life for Mechanical Seal

2. Thermal Spray Coating (Excel Coating Indonesia)

  • Enhanced resistance to abrasion & erosion
  • Thermal barrier coating
  • Galvanic protection of iron & steel
  • Dimensional restoration
  • Corrosion protection at elevated temperatures
  • Friction wear resistance
  • Improved bearing surface

3. General Services in mechanical and / or electrical that we have done:

  • Mechanical Maintenance ± 200 item equipment such as: Burner, Incinerator, Pump, Root Blower, Belt Press, Agitator & Mixer.
  • Electrical Maintenance ± 200 item such as: rod lightning, motor, blower, lamp, chiller, air conditioning.
  • Service Gear Box Variable Speed SEW 2.2 kw – 15 kw.
  • Service Submersible Pump 2.2 kw – 24 kw, and Submersible Agitator 24 kw, include: service Motor, shaft, bearing housing & install Mechanical Seal.
  • Manufactured Oil Cooler SH 400; 250mm x 1m; 70mm x 50cm; 340mm x 1,5m
  • Service Centrifugal Pump, include: Coating Ceramic, Install Mechanical Seal, Service Bearing Housing, & Shaft.
  • Service Root Blower, incinerator, Screw Pump, Screw SDC H 400, & Burner.
  • Manufactured agitator, include: Gear Box & Mechanical Seal.
  • Ducting project & Waste Water Treatment project.
  • Install centralizing grease for VALMET belt press, include install Assalub grease pump.
  • Service mechanical seal double cartridge 350mm for agitator
  • Service Glycerin pump Head 30 m capacity 60m3/h, include: Mechanical Seal Double Cartridge 60 mm.
  • Service GARBARINO Pump, Italy for Nitrogen pump, include: service & install double mechanical seal pressure up to 60 bars.

Maintenance and Supply