Pump Repair and Service

Why choose Java Arkitama ?

  • Java Arkitama can work with you to plan and programme pump services at optimum times to suit your operation which will support your business continuity operations.
  • Our staff and in-house engineers have many  years of combined experience of providing pump services and repairs in a wide range of industries.
    This means that our clients know that we have the experience and in-house expertise to quickly diagnose the right service required. This enables us to repair the fault quickly and maintain continuity within their operations.
  • Java Arkitama take time to understand our clients industry, challenges and operations and therefore appreciate that any downtime in their pump requirements and process could cost them a significant amount of money. We can therefore act rapidly, safely and professionally to meet these standards.
  • We can offer you an independent pump consultancy service with access to all major pump manufacturers and a range of other accessory suppliers. This means we can source the exact parts quickly, so repair times can be reduced.
  • We will source and support you to select the right pump to meet your requirements and services plus obtain a range of relevant, competitive quotations. By making the right choice of pump the first time, at the right price, with the correct application, will save you money upfront and reduce any ongoing maintenance and servicing costs.
  • We maintain and update records of service history. This supports our engineers to respond rapidly to diagnose any problems quickly. This reduces our clients’ disruption to their operation as possible.
  • We can offer you an expert, value added, ‘one stop shop’ and pro-active pump service, which will save you money both in the short-term and long-term.

Maintenance and Supply